Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being Republicans

John McCain has become a disgrace. Here he is blaming the federal government for the unjust law that Arizona has passed as if he himself has not been a part of the legislating body of the federal government for eons. On the senate floor yesterday he essentially said that because illegal immigrants violate the rights of Arizonians that the State of Arizona has the right to violate the civil rights of all Americans with brown skin.

Will the real McCain please stand up? He and Senator Kyl's performance on the senate floor seemed strictly to give him free ad time. His seat is being hotly contested by a Tea Party candidate. The staged question and answer session between he and Senator Kyl was obviously for the purpose of giving him a platform. He was clearly grandstanding. The once self-professed maverick denier has no shame. Perhaps this is the real McCain.


Jeb Bush, former Florida Governor, spoke out against the Arizona law today: "I think it creates unintended consequences," he said in a interview with Politico Tuesday by phone. "It's difficult for me to imagine how you're going to enforce this law. It places a significant burden on local law enforcement and you have civil liberties issues that are significant as well." Jeb Bush is the first among Republicans to do speak out against this bill. Perhaps the fact that he is married to a Latina whose children look markedly like Latinos have something to do with this. I don't know, but it shouldn't. We should all be outraged at such a bill.

Backed by the Republican legislature, wasn't Arizona the state that didn't want to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. with a national holiday? Not until the NFL removed them from the running for a Superbowl game and the city of Phoenix alone lost some $300 million dollars did they change their minds. We need to boycott Arizona. Personally, I had enough when Arizona State University refused to give President Obama an honorary degree after his commencement speech, having given the same honor to by far less deserving people in my opinion.

What's up with the longstanding governing Republican body in Arizona--really?


Big Mark 243 said...

This country is filled with vile, ignorant bigots. McCain had co-opted himself when he managed to win the GOP nomination.

I can't believe that as a military man he fails to see the injustice in the Arizona law. Maybe it is politics because it is obvious what sells in Arizona.

DB said...

It is ignorance and short-sightedness that made that law and eventually intelligence and clear thinking will bring it down. The people of Arizona deserve a better state government.


Judith Ellis said...

Mark - I think McCain sees the law as unjust. As you can hear on the video, he never claims it to be a just law. He just puts blame on the federal government as if he has not been a part of it for so many years. That is the hypocrisy of his statement. It appears that he will say just about anything to align himself with the crazies in Arizona to get re-elected. His competition is a Tea Party candidate. The Tea Party movement reveals itself every day. Why aren't they speaking out against the obvious fact that it tramples all over civil liberties?

Judith Ellis said...

Yeah, that's for sure, DB. But it's the people of Arizona who empower these people with their vote.

DB said...

And so therefore they deserve better choices. It's highly impractical, of course, but instead of boycotting Arizona clear thinking people should move there and set up shop. If there are enough to go around, that is.

Judith Ellis said...

Yeah, I don't know if I agree with that, DB. There are undoubtedly other choices there. I, for one, wouldn't set up shop there. Boycott Arizona Now! Force their hand to repeal this law by hitting them where it hurts, right in their wallets.

zorro said...

Polls in Arizona show Brewer behind the Democrat Terry Goddard. Maybe in the end, this will work out for the better. Republicans don't seem to have any moderate bones in their bodies. This new law may serve as an opportunity for this to become apparent to a lot of people.

Judith Ellis said...

Fantastic, Zorro! She made some very strange statements lately about being "called" by God to be where she is. That sounds very much like Sarah Palin when she came out and we know how that calling ended up. Palin did more of her circular conversations. O watched Countdown last night. She was in Arizona for her photo op with Governor Brewer. I'm just amazed at how the Republican leadership has allowed the crazies and religious fanatics to take over the Party. If there are moderates in the leadership, they are running and hiding. I guess the moderate Charlie Crist has been run off too, eh? It's stunning. Do the Republicans even have a plan?