Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Being Profitable

There is a reason why the stock of Borders, and Barnes and Noble is tanking. Looking for books on the history of Detroit and Chicago in the 30s, I went to the aforementioned bookstores. I live in Detroit and there were no books on Detroit save some picture books, and they had nothing on Chicago. This is the why I largely order books online. The selection is vast and there is no hassle. I don't think Borders or Barnes and Noble can sell enough coffee to be profitable.


septembermom said...

I have had the same experience when going to a local store. I'm grateful for the abundant online selection of books. I also enjoy reading the reviews and commentaries before I purchase a book.

David Porter said...

Never has the term, "easy to do business with" been as important as now. Amazon and Zappos understand and execute in kind.

zorro said...

I still like to go to supermarkets. And I like going to the movies better than watching them on TV. But I'm nostalgic for the days when as a nation, we considered moon shots (or big national goals) more interesting than Black Friday. I don't think anyone, other than retailers even knew what Black Friday was back in the moon shot days. We have become a nation of shop keepers. And we pretend that this is heroic. We are becoming much like the weak wormy being that is the soul of 'tough guy' Darth Vader.