Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Thankful

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There is a lot to be thankful for.


septembermom said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too, my friend :) Lovely video!

Judith Ellis said...

I did indeed, Kelly. I love it that the Obamas serve others on Thanksgiving. The kids are really growing.

zorro said...

this video is so cool. I don't think America realizes what they have in this man.

Judith Ellis said...

I love it, Zorro! Thanks for posting.

zorro said...

Something to be thankful for. Jeff Immelt's recent quote.

“Many bought into the idea that America could go from a technology-based, export-oriented powerhouse to a services-led, consumption-based economy — and somehow still expect to prosper,” Mr. Immelt said in a typical speech last year before the Detroit Economic Club. “That idea was flat wrong.” He added: “Our economy tilted instead toward the quicker profits of financial services.”

zorro said...

“I really worry about China. I am not sure that in the end they want any of us to win, or any of us to be successful.” Jeff Immelt

Judith Ellis said...

Listening to Fresh Air on NPR and the talk has turned to China. It is clear that China sees America as a fading economic power. This is no surprise considering our debt to China. Now, we have an additional gift of $138 billion to America's wealthiest. With our increasing debt and globalization policies which have gutted our middle class and increased theirs, tell me that China isn't spot on.

In that Fresh Air interview David Sanger of the New York Times said the below things about China:

U.S Relations with China:

"What struck me most recently was that the Chinese who used to be a lot more discreet that they view the United State......s as a fading power and view themselves as the rising power, today come out and say it outright. They make it very clear that they think that the U.S. is not only a debtor nation but that since it is in debt to China since the U.S. bears a considerable responsibility for what triggered the global financial crisis, that Washington is now in no position to be lecturing to the Chinese, either about economic management or about diplomatic management around the world."

On China's Influence in the Pacific Region:

"Really since January or February, you have seen the Chinese take a far more assertive role in describing their own region of influence throughout the Pacific region. They have declared the South China Sea is an area that they define as one of their vital interests and have objected when others have tried to navigate those seas. They objected last week when the U.S. moved the USS George Washington carrier group into the Yellow Sea as part of those military operations that were meant to be a deterrent to North Korea after the shelling of the South Korean island. So you are seeing, at least rhetorically, a new Chinese assertiveness of what their territory should be."

It was also revealing that 18 countries including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Philippines boycotted the the Nobel Prize ceremony over Liu Xiaobo.