Friday, December 23, 2011

Being Ron Paul

Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of the mainstream news media and have not watched television in almost a year. But I do keep up with national and international news via the Internet through mostly alternative news sources.

Ron Paul recently stormed out of the CNN studio after being asked about the racist newsletter circulating for many years that bore his name and his affiliation with racist organizations who support him. His response was not presidential. As a presidential candidate or the president himself, it would not matter how many times a question has been answered, it should be answered yet again. Perhaps there are those among the over 300 million Americans who have not heard the answer. Why not just answer the question?

Paul's response begs the question of not only poor temperament, but how he will handle issues as president that are unfavorable to him or that he deems insignificant. By his ill-tempered behavior, he seems to think that the presidency is about him. While he positions himself as the outsider, his response reveals him as the typical insider.


zorro said...

I'm a cynic. One of the functions Ron Paul's newsletter served in the 1990's was a fund raising. I read that the people who put the letter together discovered that when the articles in the newsletter contained racist points of view, more money flowed in. I think much of what Paul does is about money. He makes money from book sales and I'm sure the books sell better when he is running for President. He does not want to be President. Its just a business to him. As a businessman, he's an inspiration for Donald Trump, Sara Palin, and Michelle Bachman.

Judith Ellis said...

If I'm not mistaken, he has also been a pretty savvy Wall Street investor. Outside of his many whacky idea like doing away with the Dept of Education, anyone who raises a son like Rand Paul is suspect. But I do appreciate his views on the Federal Reserve.