Sunday, January 29, 2012

Being Ron Paul

While it is not surprising that Ron Paul according to the Washington Post was "deeply involved with his company that produced" those despicable racist newsletters and even wrote them as others have suggested, what is the worst scenario--continued corporatist control, war, and Wall Street looting? After all, many of our founding fathers owned slaves. Does that make the Constitution and Bill of Rights of no effect? I don't think I can vote for Ron Paul, although I respect some of his positions. But if the government goes broke and our constitutional rights are constantly being thwarted via legal means including congressional laws and Supreme Court decisions by believed non-racists or concealed ones (Clinton is excused for his racist comments during the primaries), we all go down. Blacks and other minorities will be first. Again I ask, which is worst?


Big Mark 243 said...

You ask a very profound question. I would wonder would I be better off having been brought up in the 50's when itwas not as difficult to tell who was what and deal with them from whatever perspective they came from.

So we have confirmed certain things about Ron Paul... and like you, there are other reasons I don't think I could vote for him. But in lieu of some of his stances v. the things we don't 'know' about the ones we have elected, the case can be made that the difference is a "push" and Sen. Paul is as electable as any of the other candidates, even the current President...

zorro said...

Ron Paul believes business should be able to discriminate in who they serve and who they employ. He believes we should have not fought the civil war because slavery would have gone away on it's own. He would do away with the EPA and believes companies would be self policing when it come to pollution. He wants gov't out of the way to such a degree that business would be allowed to control all our rights (schools we are admitted into, places we shop, where we work, the airlines we can use and probably even the roads we can use because they would also be privatized)- which BTW would not violate the constitution. He is either a wolf in sheep's clothing or a complete fool. Or he is completely cynical because he knows he'll never be President (which he has admitted to) but running for President makes his books sell very well. Whenever racist rants showed up in his old newsletters, donations to his newsletter increased significantly.

zorro said...

want to see racist?

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