Sunday, March 30, 2008

Being Georgia O'Keeffe

In the discussion of being it is most important to distinguish between self-absorption and self-expression. The former draws in only; the latter both draws in and gives out, allowing for the creation and innovation of inanimate being and the shaping of animate being through individual and collective thought and action. In painting, Georgia O'Keeffe made the inanimate animate through the personal and universal: colors, shapes, lines, earth, sky, mountains, plants, etc.

The distinction between self-absorption and self-expression is found in personal and universal passions. The personal soley creates and innovates from inward passions, while the universal does so from both personal and univeral passions. Universal passions are formed collectively through conscensus building innate to all, though formed uniquely...differently. It is in giving and receiving that we best understand our individuality and fulfill our purpose. Step outside of yourself.

Georgia O'Keeffe writes:

"I know now that most people are so closely concerned with themselves that they are not aware of their own individuality, I can see myself, and it has helped me to say what I want to paint."

Here's an homage to the individuality of being:

Are you both receiving and giving?

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