Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Being Inconsistent, though Consistent

The inconsistency that brands need for survival and success is inherent in the being brand which includes people and entities of which the latter could not exist without the former. Simply put, it's all about people; it's all about being: the animate (people) and inanimate (entities, products, etc) which are produced by (guess who?) people. Who's peopling your business?

Personal branding and corporate branding are clearly based in being - employees, managers, corporations, sole proprietorships (which is an interesting reality, as the person is the entity and product. should this be an aim?), customers, products, etc. Basic questions to ask consistently are: Who are we? Why do we exist? What is our purpose? Are we relevant? How do we innovate? When do we innovate? Who are we serving? Are we serving well?

When we are in step with the ever-increasing global economy, personal and corporate branding are shaped and re-shaped again and again. It is the inconsistency of being that brings consistency. What remains consistent is the fact that being is inconsistent. People change. Corporations innovate. Products vary. Customer needs fluctuate.

Being is inconsistent, though consistent. It is the built-in changeability of people who re-create and innovate. In this inconsistency is consistency.

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