Friday, May 30, 2008

Being Passionate

Being passionate about just about everything that I have ever done, I must confess to having the wind knocked out of my sails, buckets of water doused on me, and my passion thought of as out of step.

Over time I have learned to curtail my some degree. But believe me, my passion has caused some pain early on when my colorful expressions, idealism, and fearlessness just didn't seem to fit.

Having grown a little wiser, I have learned to listen to others more closely, understanding their particular orientation; this has helped me to both mirror others and remain my passionate self. This includes the all-important empathy factor.

Where my ideas are not appreciated or valued, I go where I'm celebrated and where I can freely celebrate others, no matter the difference of opinion. When other environments (those hostile to passion) are apparent, I still strive, understanding clearly where I am and to whom I'm speaking.

Passion is a function of wisdom and understanding. How passionate are you?

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