Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Being Thoughtless

There is no such thing as a thoughtless human being. The question is what are you thinking? Thoughts are the basis for both action and inactivity. How active are you? Consider your thoughts. Our bias for action is what gets thoughts, powered by words, into the realm of reality, although what is real first begins with a thought.

While bias for action is appreciated and valued, our thoughts, which forms our words and reality, are never to be devalued. Even seemingly meaningless trivial didactic misconstrued misguided thoughts, out of which words are created and reality juxtaposed, can teach. (Who's afraid of free speech?) It is the power of words to influence and change that is the basis for everything. "In the beginning was the word..." Words have creative power, snatching thoughts out of the cerebral into the real.

Can we even have a thought or action without words? It can be posited that impulses are also driven by words, even though, by their very nature, they are believed to be actions void of thought. But somewhere thought was applied if not at the very moment of impulse, prior to it at some other moment. Thoughts, powered by words, is the basis of action and reality.

Your thoughts form your words which forms your reality. What are you thinking?

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