Friday, June 6, 2008

Being is Believing: Yes, We Can!

Yes, We Can!


John O'Leary said...

Very inspiring, Judith.

On the other hand...listening to talk radio hosts pontificate on the candidates this weekend, I'm struck by how much projection is going on. One fellow today was talking about the obvious ruthlessness of Obama and Clinton. Huh? I've always felt that when someone (like this pundit) is making strong charges against others that involve assumptions of motive the speaker is telling us more about himself than about the people he is characterizing. If it's possible to "flunk" a Rorschach test this guy somehow managed to.

judith ellis said...

Both videos are quite inspiring indeed. I love the young people's rendition. Their participation in the process in their own way is great! They appear to be in high school? In this case, they'll be ready to vote in 2012. (Some may be old enough now! The maturity of the bass voice might indicate this.) Music can really cause us to get involved. The celebrity rendition, along with Barack's message, undoubtedtly inspired these young people. I love it!

Regarding those who speak more out of who they are more than the person they are describing, this happens frequently. It becomes clear that when such words are spoken that they are not sentitments of others, but of the speaker. The person speaking immediately becomes suspect, though many listening to pundits are probably dupped. But we are getting wiser, I think.

On another Blog recently, someone wrote, "I loathe Barack!" While opinions are certainly each of ours to own, I must admit to not quote understanding this one. What's there to loathe about Barack? Loathe? Wow!