Saturday, June 14, 2008

Being Tim Russert

From humble beginnings to grand positioning, Tim Russert seems to have never lost the lessons of humility and work ethic taught to him by his parents. He seemed to have never compromised in what he deemed truth or fair, teaching us through his interviews these attributes.

I followed Russert's career because of his great example. I followed it because he made me feel good to be an American. I loved his love for our country and his daring to believe. Examples like his causes us to dream and believe that all things are possible.

Dream that impossible dream.

May God forever bless Tim Russert's wife, Maureen, and son, Luke. May God continue to bless his dad, Big Russ. And may God forever bless the United States of America, our great country, that has given to so many seemingly impossible dreams. Tim Russert taught us through example that we can dream that impossible dream and walk humbly in it.

Thank you, Tim Russert.


John O'Leary said...

Judith, I've long been a huge fan of Tim Russert, his boyish enthusiasm for life, and his tough-but-objective interrogations of political figures on Meet the Press. He's brought down many a poseur - provincial politicians masquerading as statesmen (David Duke for one).

judith ellis said...

John, You have probably been a fan of Tim Russert's longer than I. But my mother loved Meet the Press and I came to value Tim Russert for the same reasons you have given. He seemed like a good and decent man who truly loved his country dearly. For this, I honor him. He will be missed.

judith ellis said...

And...I know the David Duke interview well. Russert was brilliant at exposing Duke's masquerade indeed. May God bless his.

John O'Leary said...

Yeah, DD is still defending his appearance on MTP. But it's hard to convince a national audience you're campaigning on economics not race when you can't identify for Tim Russert the three largest employers in your state.

judith ellis said...

Is he still on the radar? Since that interview I thought he faded away. Anyway, his message is irrelevant to the masses...I hope.