Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being Neighborly

A gorgeous oak tree in my yard seemed lower than usual. As I acknowledged its beauty, my 85-year-old neighbor called. "Don't you see that tree has fallen on the power lines?" She asked. "I thought it was lower," I said. "You thought?" She said. "Get on the phone and call DTE." "Yes, ma'am," I said. How did she know that I hadn't already called DTE? Her binoculars were broken last week. I suppose they're fixed this week. She watches the goings on in my house daily from her window. Sometimes we like to give her a bit of a thrill.


mrs. miss alaineus said...

we have a neighbor like that. she's getting a condo north of here. i'll miss her because if you wanted to really know something about the neighborhood, you could just ask her.


The Write Girl said...

I like this...quite funny. How have things been Judith. Hope you've been well dear!

chesapeake said...

Twitter wouldn't let me respond to your message to me, so here's my next option:

Thank you! All is most certainly well; I got married two weeks ago! :-) Great to hear from you; I'll pass along a hello to my dad. :-D

I like that you live in a place where you know your neighbors, even if that relationship is a bit odd!

Again, great to hear from you!