Monday, May 31, 2010

Being in Remembrance

May God bless our troops, their families, and loved ones.

May we always remember those who sacrificed their lives for ours.


Dave Wheeler said...


What a terrific clip and a reminder of the exceptional and distinguished service our African American airman, soldiers, sailors, and Marines have provided from our earliest armed conflicts to the present!

General James and General Powell are two folks I admire a great deal and have learned a many a lesson in leadership from!

Beautiful words indeed Judith! Thanks!

Judith Ellis said...

General James and General Powell are indeed admiral. Happy to share the clip, Dave.

wmmbb said...

Often Judith - I cannot speak to American experience - those who took up the course of conscientious objection, with enormous emotional and psychological cost to themselves, were the greater heroes. I acknowledge that most soldiers suffer from their battlefield experiences.

Judith Ellis said...

Wmmbb - I admire Muhammad Ali and the time this hero served in jail for his beliefs. But this does not take away from the admiration of those, including my father, who served and along with this service had horrendous memories that they took to the grave with them. I am not for war but war happens and soldiers die. For those who live through the experience and have died, I honor these.