Sunday, May 23, 2010

Being Republicans

Where is the outrage on the Right about the geometry teacher in Alabama who used President Obama in his hypothetical assassination example to explain angles? Of course, we remember the outrage it caused when school children sang a harmless song honoring the president. Really, are these people just sick? I'm wondering if there were such examples occurring on the Left when President Bush was president. When distinctions are made about the Right being extremist wingnuts-- not only because of what is done but what is condoned by silent voices-- who can really argue against this?


Big Mark 243 said...

It comes down to race. I would have thought that there would be a hue and cry from the liberal sectors of the media, myself. Wasn't only the outrage a people who backed President Bush but the folks who defended his wrongheadedness.

That is similiar to the support that President Clinton recieved when he was being targeted by right wing supporters. White folks aren't going to face off against one another to defend a brother, if you ask me.

And there is resentment as well as real difference in ideals that keep the African American community from demanding more out of the situation. For instance, the situation with the tee shirts in California has attracted more attention if you ask me. Partly because of the two factors I have mentioned and the distraction from a real problem it provides.

Judith Ellis said...

Yeah, and the media got all in a tizzy when school children sang an innocent song to our newly elected president. On second thought, such a story may not be best repeated. There are some truly sick people among us who might act upon the slightest suggestion.

zorro said...

The Right are never really outraged. Its always just an act.
It does not serve their purposes to be outraged over the assignation lesson - there is nothing in for them.
Have you seen the latest Palinism? She is accusing Obama of being too close to the oil companies.

Here is something unrelated, but I think shows how ignorant reporters can be. On Meet The Press, Bob Woodard
expressed his view that Obama is not doing enough to stop the oil leak. He said Obama should gather up the brilliant scientists at Google to brainstorm and solve the problem. I guess it never occurred to Woodward that internet search technology and deep water oil drilling have very little to do with one another. I'm waiting for these guys to start blaming Obama for not being able to get in touch with Superman.

Judith Ellis said...

Brilliant observation and very funny, Zorro! My respect for many news analysts and reporters is virtually non-existent. But that some people listen and revere them is quite disheartening. Much of it is simply self-serving. I don't even watch "Meet the Press" any more. I can barely take David Gregory.

Anonymous said...

I've spent years studying and practicing clarity of vision. I know some would accuse me of being racist for thinking it, but I'm amazed at how can some not see the racist undercurrent? I see it in people who would never think to call themselves racist, it's so subtle. Is it that they see a bit of themselves, a part they don't like so then they deny it exists at all? Or are they that closed to their own minds? Probably both.

The state of the world just gets me so sad, I sometimes just avoid, avoid, avoid. So much clouded vision.

Judith Ellis said...

MWG - Thank you for your honest words. They're appreciated. That is precisely why I generally ask questions that directly align with the current situation and the person personally. It is often very difficult to hide the truth in this regard. But even then we will simply deny the truth before us. Those who see have to want to see. Otherwise, we won't.

Judith Ellis said...

Laws matter too. To suggest or even hint that the Civil Right Act of 1964 should not have been enacted says a whole lot. Yeah, I know Rand Paul backtracked but the truth of his story and that of undoubtedly others, is already out.

Monkey with Glasses said...

One of the ways to see a person's true colors is to observe them in a stressful situation. That includes speaking to the media off the cuff, without having some well-crafted notes or rhetoric to refer to.

Funny how its in those situations that people step on their own tongues. But you can't take it back once you release it out there; you have to own it.

Just another reminder to be mindful in action and thought.

Monkey With Glasses (having trouble with the Open ID in comments)

Judith Ellis said...

Thanks for your comment, MWG. It's appreciated. It reminded me of the scripture which reads, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Although, I have had to question it as I've said some pretty stupid things in my youth that were not a part of my heart's desire. I am by far more thoughtful as an adult but are reminded daily to not only be careful of my words but to be certain that my heart is right.

Judith Ellis said...

Sorry for your troubles. Sometimes comments don't even appear or do so later on.

Anonymous said...

We have to forgive ourselves our youths. At that point, we're already looking through pretty thick "me-colored" glasses, and not enough experience to realize it.

The first step to seeing clearly is to realize that you're not.

One of the reasons I enjoy this blog is it opens my eyes to things I wasn't seeing.

Judith Ellis said...

MWG - I am happy that you are here and appreciate your clarity.