Friday, August 20, 2010

Being a Socialite

While shopping today I ran into a socialite going on and on about this and that to a friend who seemed utterly disinterested. The socialite's voice alone was annoying. I felt pity for the friend. When I got to the parking lot we were parked next to each other. She was still yapping as she loaded her many bags. The friend stood at the passenger's side. I inched out. "Look what I got" asked the socialite. "What?" replied the friend, from the distance. "A Soul Train T-shirt," she exclaimed. The socialite instantly became a schoolgirl. "Nice shirt," I said. "You can get one online," she said. "I will," I replied. The friend joined us. "Remember Don Cornelius?" she said. "I do," I said. "I just looove Soul Train," said the socialite swooning." "Good day to you both," I said, pulling away. Suddenly, I felt better. Maybe she's not just some yappy self-centered socialite. Well, maybe she is, but at least she looooves cool music.


rebecca said...

Soul Train was on right after American Bandstand. I used to watch both! LOL!! It's sooooouuullllll trainnnnn!

Hope you're doing well my friend!


Dave Wheeler said...

Auntie "J",

I started laughing when I saw the mention of Don Cornelius and Soul Train. First because it reminded me of watching Soul Train religiously many decades ago. I had no clue as to what Posners and Afro Sheen was, I just knew that it had the best music on the planet playing on it. The other reason is that one of the students in my friend's new hire class was bragging about his knowledge of funk and soul music. She mentioned Don Cornelius and he was absolutely clueless as to who he was. I made him a sign with his picture on it that said "You better recognize" and busted into their classroom to ask why it is that a bald, fat, 56 year old Caucasian dude knew moe about Soul Train than he did? He has the picture displayed on his desk. A great showman and business Mr Cornelius is indeed!

Soul Train...always remember the "Detroit Spinners" performing "Mighty Love" on that show...great memories indeed!

David Porter said...

Makes me wonder how many times I passed judgment and never made it to the next question that revealed that person's humanity. We really are all in the battle of our lives.

Paula Cherie said...

There is nothing more gratifying than to look past the obvious & see the obscured. I think of it as the beauty of the human spirit! Good stuff.