Thursday, July 31, 2008

Being Honest

Now, when we think of political ads we don't really think of honesty as being the hallmark or standard. Do we? But I think Senator McCain's latest ad comparing Senator Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is disingenuous and painting him as an elitist is absurd, if not downright silly. Where is the substance in this? When has it been unfavorable for a presidential candidate not to be well educated? When has it become unfavorable for a presidential candidate not to be well received nationally and internationally? Aren't these qualities those that enable leaders to be heard?

If we honesty look at it, who was raised in privilege? (And, I'm not hating on Senator McCain for this.) Who married into money? (I'm not even hating on him for this.) But some may wonder if Senator McCain himself is a kind of kept man. Some have suggested that it is probably, after all, the wealth of his wife's family that has kept him in those Ferragamo loafers worn to meet the humble barefoot Dali Lama. Some have even questioned his judgement here. (But I'm not hating on him for the Ferragamos either.)

The ad perhaps points to Senator McCain's judgement on another issue. While seeking to denegrate Senator Obama, the ad also casts a disparaging light on the people of the world who came out by the thousands to hear him, and the heads of states with whom he had successful meetings. Some even agreed with his policies. The lack of international diplomacy has been a major problem for the current administration. It looks like Senator McCain is following lock step with the past policies of the last eight years on a number of pertinent issues.

The ad seems to have nothing to do with honesty and substance, but more to do with grabbing needed headlines in a lackluster campaign with an honorable veteran whose time seems to have passed.


- A - C - said...

I couldn't agree more on this. the sad fact is that some candidates are more concentrated on demeaning the opponent instead of laying the foundation of a sensible politics.

judith ellis said...

It seems to me that much of what Senator McCain is doing in print and on the stump is to present negative responses to Senator Obama. Not much seems to be originating with the more senior of the senators.

This may, in fact, be a calculated political maneuveur with the whole idea being continuous mudd slinging in the hope that something will stick. This way Senator McCain does not even have to speak of his platform. This is sort of like what defense lawyers often do. They offer up a number of possible, often far-fetched scenarios, hoping that one may seem plausible enough to garner an acquittal. This often works.

I trust that the American people will see beyond this. Although I'm afraid that past races have shown that these kinds of ad, especially a barage of them, embedd themselves in the consciousness. Senator Obama has done well so far in his responses.

The ad also begs the question as to why a serious male presidential candidate is being compared with two blonde female celebrities?

judith ellis said...

-a-c-, I check your blog daily for more inspiration. As of late, I have found it in posts gone by. Thanks for the past, present, and expected future.

- A - C - said...

you honor me with your words and deeds. I am glad to be useful.