Sunday, July 27, 2008

Being the Other

I am the other. The other forms me. We see reflections of each other manifested in we.


Book Queen said...

Reflections are often our own perceptions cast back twisted. How do we show our trueness?
The book queen.

judith ellis said...

book queen- Thank you for your question. For me, truth is. We are born and we die. It is in the interim that we hopefully discover our purpose, reflective in each other and confirmed by our passions.

While truth is, how is it determined in the interim if there is no reflection? How are passions execrised without others? DNA may have some answers. But this still includes others, a present and a reaching back. There is no me without we.

If by "trueness" you mean identity, I see being as oneness and identity as fractional, parts of social constructs. Identity then is determined socially whereas being is truth, universal knowing, although we arrive at this knowledge at different times.

Reflections, even if they do not represent our highest self at any given moment are, however, recognized, hence our repulsion or acceptance of the reflection.

Any perception aligned or misaligned, if we recognize them as such, are reflective--as in presently I clearly see me or this has been a part of me. And, there is the, Oh God, this can't be me. Reflections are past and present. Choices are ours-individually.

These are my thoughts. What are yours?