Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Being Hopeful

"Some people find it possible to transcend the asymmetry of pain and joys, escape the hedonic deficit, set themselves outside that game - and live with hope."

-- Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The fullest experiential element of living is embracing the expected and unexpected, the disappointments and delights, for there is undoubtedly that eternal reversal. We live in a world of extremities, one of non-transcendental experiences.

Embracing seemingly polar opposites singularly, at any given time, becomes not a game, but transcendental reality, the reality of daily hopeful living outside of hedonism, escaping its deficit, that forever seeking though never being filled grip.

Being hopeful is a kind of unforced unfeigned equilibrium that does not seek, demand, or insist upon that which isn't yet made known but requires a living in the now while seeking yet other paths, being sufficiently filled. It's experiential. It's truthful. It's dubious, It's living. It's transcendental.

Are you hopeful?


- A - C - said...

Dear Judith.. I'm glad I found your blog. There is so much food for thoughts here! I think I will need some time to properly "digest" it ;-)

Thanks for sharing.

judith ellis said...

Hi A - I'm really glad to have found your blog too! And, it's just such a pleasure to share.