Monday, December 28, 2009

Being Barack Obama XVIII

Barack Obama promised to bring change to Washington. What is for certain is that his leadership style is unlike any that we have seen in recent years. When people from all sides pulled at him about the health care debate he lead but insisted that the legislators, according to the Constitution legislate and he as the executor will lead. He did this by simply stating what he desired to see but leaving it up to the people and legislators to decide. Of course, there appears to have been a certain amount of push back and pushing of the administration behind the scenes.

With the recent terror threat in Detroit, President Obama's critics and others are asking why he Obama hasn't come out and given the people confidence. They are comparing him to the former president who readily spoke about terrorists, probably embolden them and giving them a continuous platform while indicting the whole of the Muslim world. The former president and his administration spoke of axes of evil and often maligned those in the East. It sometimes appeared hard to distinguish between the terrorist and Muslims as a whole.

President Obama has not publicly made a statement. He appears to trust those leaders who are in position throughout various agencies and also appears not desire to put the whole world on edge or in further enmity against each other. While President Obama is undoubtedly getting briefs on his vacation in Hawaii, I appreciate his rather deliberate leadership style. Even I have desired at various times that he speak out more or that he lead differently. But I am really beginning to appreciate his style. He leads judiciously. We can be assured that even though President Obama has not publicly spoken about the event, he is well informed and will do so in time. It is this deliberate judicious leadership style that is appreciated.


septembermom said...

I agree that the President's judicious leadership style is appropriate right now. If he made a big public statement about this particular situation, I would be afraid of public panic or exaggeration of our relative security as Americans. It could be a moment that would become too sensationalized. In some ways, it's a form or terrorizing people too. It may unintentionally play on the public's fear.

It seems that our President does not abuse his speaking opportunities. I'm sure that he is very much on top of all these national security issues. Whenever I hear of these additional criticisms of the President, I tend to say in my head, "Give the guy a break. Let him do his job."

Judith Ellis said...

Kelly - Your point about the sensationalism of such events being terror itself is very astute. That’s a great point.

Just think of what would have happened the following day, the busiest flight day of the year, if President Obama had come out and struck fear in the hearts of so many Americans traveling. Not only would it have been more chaotic, but in such a tenuous economic time, it would have caused greater economic calamity.

I appreciate the way our president handled this situation very much. (I like the way you said that. He is ours, eh? :-)) The POTUS is calm and steady. I missed the speech today, but I will try to catch it on C-Span.

Your thoughtful comment is appreciated, Kelly.