Saturday, December 5, 2009

Being Ellington Ellis II

"What do you have that you have not received?"

--Ellington Ellis

My brother spoke these words to me this evening in an extended conversation that got me thinking. Innovation, ideas, creativity, wisdom and knowledge are not formed in a vacuum.


septembermom said...

We unknowingly receive gifts all the time. It's a good thought to stir your perspective on being part of a greater whole.

Judith Ellis said...

I appreciate your comment, Kelly. Thank you.

Corrie Howe said...

Aw, your brother reads Deuteronomy?

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, yes, Corrie. At the age of 18 Ellington was the pastor of a church he began of 800 people, not to mention he had a thriving business that was totaling separate of the church. He is undoubtedly one of my favorite biblical teachers. (I have to be careful there, as all of my brothers are notable teachers of scripture. :-)) At the time of this discussion Deuteronomy was not mentioned but he knows scripture well.