Monday, March 8, 2010

Being Non-News

Fox News reported incessantly on ACORN and assisted in their losing 3 million dollars of government funding which was largely used to get out the vote, especially of those who have never been active in their government. Fox News and Republicans praised James O'Keefe, the young man who was later charged with attempting to wire tap Senator Landrieu's phone, for setting up a prostitution plot that was supposed to reveal that ACORN was an illegitimate organization. This seemed to me then and even more so now to have been an attempt to suppress the vote. ACORN had gotten 1.2 million people to vote in the last election. Stephen Colbert breaks it down for us:

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walderson said...

Does it matter at all to you that the ACORN stations involved were willing to assist this young man in setting up prostitution with under age prostitute immigrant girls?

On another note, the young man was not charged with wire-tapping.

Judith Ellis said...

Walderson - I don't know the outcome of the charge but according to the Washington Post the FBI arrested and charged O'Keefe with wiretapping. You can read the Washington Post article above. With regards to your allegations of ACORN, please provide a credible link and I will gladly read it and respond. Were employees of ACORN arrested and charged with "setting up prostitution with under age prostitute immigrant girls?" Please provide a credible link here also. In my opinion, this was an outright smear campaign against ACORN to suppress the vote.