Saturday, August 16, 2008

Being Beyond the Gates

Just flew into Dallas yesterday afternoon. Waiting for my ride, I sat at the airport watching people bustling about with luggage and children in tow, many seemingly coming back from vacation, men and women in suits toting laptops ear to Blackberry rushing to their meetings. Lots of hugs and men in blue hats and matching uniforms holding signs, "Smith." How many Smiths are out there?

I am grateful. While we have been inconvenienced with having to take our shoes off and discarding liquids and cremes over a certain ounce, life has not changed for us considerably. OK. My brand new tube of toothpaste and expensive body cream were confiscated. But, hey, what was I thinking? I knew the rules. I had no bags to check. (American Airlines charges $15 dollars to check a bag! I had the dough, but no thanks. The ticket agent said something about gas prices. Aren't they going down?)

In spite of these minor inconveniences life still moves at a pace comparable to who we are, even if we have to slow down momentarily at the airport. Beyond the gates, our pace is resumed; we remain free.

Life is good!


- A - C - said...

Yes, I believe life is good too. As for airports, I would wish for more common sense and a more profitable use of intelligence agencies. I doubt that confiscating toothpaste and removing shoes would yield any result, save annoying passengers.

judith ellis said...

I understand your sentiment. Yet, I appreciate the effort to secure us. Remember, this kind of security in open society is all so new to the West. So, we will probably go through many changes before we get it right. Then, of course, there will be other ways of causing harm which we will again have to make adjustments. Although I can become annoyed, I'm appreciative.