Saturday, August 30, 2008

Being Risky

The choice of Senator McCain's running mate may appear like a good political move in a vacuum or in the presumed arrogant askew unbalanced self-absorbed head of a last resort presidential candidate who can see nothing save his burning desire to win. Yes, the choice seems good in that she is young, a woman, and a soccer mom who can woo any disgruntle Hillary supporters. OK. We understand the choice from a merely political standpoint. But pleeeeeeease...give the American people some consideration, protection, and respect!

Beyond politics, there is a country to run where politics should take a back seat to sound judgement and thoughtfulness, not a quick decision based on a pitch perfect DNC Convention that leaves an arguably hot-head ill-tempered competitor can I top that? Surely McCain received opposition from the RNC. (Or, has the well structured RNC of the past lost control over their candidate? Yes, I know that this is suppose to be the decision of the presidential candidate alone, but we all know better.) Being a maverick in this case seems quite risky indeed. Sincerely, is McCain someone we want in the White House at such a time as this?

In thinking about McCain's choice I am very concerned about his lack of judgement and his pure unadulterated effort to win at any cost without considering the weight of his office or the intelligence of the American people to see his choice exactly for what it is -- a political maneuver to get in the heads of women without considering the all-important-point that women have brains. McCain seems to be banking on the misogynistic belief that women are mainly emotional and not analytical.

Yes, McCain's choice is risky, but it reeks of disrespect and outright recklessness. McCain's choice says more about him than his chosen running mate. Either McCain is not all there (some really believe this) or he will simply do anything to win, including putting the country at risk. The talking heads were spinning, but boy it looked as if their heads would literally spin right off. The running mate was a risky choice indeed. But more importantly McCain himself seems too risky a presidential candidate.

Being risky has benefits; it shows respect and good judgement.

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