Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Being an Elitist

There is a very bright guy who goes by "X" that often comments brilliantly at (He identified himself in another discussion as a white American PhD male graduate student.) In a recent discussion "X" made the distinction between teh two presidential candiates, one being the true elitist and the other being simply intelligent, inspiring and likable. I have not heard a better distinction, turning spin itself topsy turvy indeed. "X" begins with the distinction between the average Republican and those powerful members of the Republican National Party.

"When I say The Republicans, I don't mean a friend or next door neighbor who is a Republican, I mean the guys in the white house and the national party - the people in power who pretend McCain is not a Celebrity but Obama is. Like all good non-celebrities McCain hosted Saturday Night Live in 2002.

Like all good non-elites, McCain has 9 houses and his wife has her own jet. The only thing that makes Obama elite is his wit and intelligence and charm and unique life experience (why the hell should a guy like that be president - presidents should be dolts like the rest of us.) The money Obama has he earned - the Money McCain has he married into - which of course makes McCain a regular non-elite type guy."

How's that for clarity? I'd also like to address another matter, veiled in the comment above. If Obama was not an African American, would such a distinction even be made? Obama is an elitist in comparison to whom--those other non-eloquent unintelligent thick tongued others of his race? (Ouch!) If not this, what? Do kindly.

Now, please do not peg me as an angry African American woman. I most certainly am not. But kindly consider this: If there was not the distinction in race, would we even be talking about Obama being an elitist considering his background? How dare he rise above that considered norm. But whose norm?

Yes, Obama does speak well and he did graduate from an Ivy League school. But this junior brilliant senator was raised by a single mother who was at one point on public assistance. This junior brilliant senator worked with union organizers to ensure proper pay for the less fortunate.

Is this elitism?

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