Sunday, August 24, 2008

Being The Bravery-Believe

Believe! What are we waiting for?

What are we breathing for?


White Collar Boy said...

The Bravery? Interesting pick!

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. It's always great to meet fellow Detroit bloggers.

judith ellis said...

Hi! Don't know a whole lot about the band, but I like this song. I have since checked out a few others and like them too. The words are really good. I'm into words and the music isn't bad either. :-)

Speaking of Detroit, I can't wait until all of this negativity goes away. For the good of Detroit, many think that Mayor Kilpatrick should step down. It doesn't look like it's going to happen though.

I found your blog through a search on Detroit. I love your new home and the many historic homes in Detroit. Historic homes is one of my passions and Detroit has plenty of them. I liked your blog for this reason.