Saturday, August 23, 2008

Being on the Move II

It is not only our past failures that can inhibit us from moving forward, but our past successes too. We can tend to rest on our laurels. Moving forward requires action, getting beyond past failures and successes. Move!


- A - C - said...

oh Judith! this is indeed one the most dangerous and sneakiest temptation.

judith ellis said...

I agree -a-c-. When a measure of success has already been attained this is indeed "the most dangerous and sneakiest temptations." After all, we have arrived -- so we think. The pinnacle, as we know, is not the place of arrival, but the ongoing journey.

McDonalds understood this well when their brand began to lose longstanding market share. They got comfortable and had to get back on their game, even returing to the basics of clean bathrooms and hot and fast service. They also put new products on the market that the customer wanted i.e., various fresh salads and speciality coffees.