Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Being Mindful

Being mindful begins with me. Outliers spread variably. Be personally responsible. This is key. We affect each other more than minimally.


Porus Munshi said...

Very true Judith. I for one carry a 2 by 4 card with me most days when I want to track something. And every hour my watch beeps reminding me to track that. Recently read books on Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. and was inspired by the message in both of them. Began tracking for myself first Truth. Once I began tracking was startled at how many truths there are - the truths I tell others, the truths I tell myself, the rationalizations masquerading as truths...I am awed! I've always thought of myself as truthful but when I began mindfully tracking on a scale of 1 to 10, was surprised to find myself swinging between 2 to 7-8 and infrequently going to 9 or 10.

Also tracked Fearlessness. Because really, one can't be completely truthful unless there is fearlessness or at the least, courage. Same story. I'm considered to be pretty gutsy. But when I tracked...(sigh!). With 10 on the scale being the kind of Fearlessness displayed by Gandhi and Martin Luther or a Samurai like Miyamoto Musashi, and 5 on the scale being courage - that is fear being present but going through it, again I found myself on 4-5-6 largely. Fearlessness is really beyond 'guts'.

Anyway, both these are still work in progress. I'm on day 8 currently and I'll keep at them. In the meantime my relationships are already beginning to transform. And so is the impact I'm beginning to have. :-).

judith ellis said...

What thoughtful words, Porus. Thank you.

Isn't it simply amazing the disparity between how we view ourselves and who we actually are? The whole notion of tracking various truths undoubtedly dispels the assertion that there are indeed so many truths.

Truth in the light of who we are isn't flexible, though our interpretation of it, depending on various circumstances, tends to be. Looking inwardly we see truth. But we are quite adept at self-deception.

Proper alignment in our personal and professional lives can be found in daily doing these two powerful sayings:

"Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you."

"Love thy neigbhor as yourself."

Doing and loving are action words that require thought beyond ourselves. Many times I am successful; other times I fail miserably.

Thanks again for your words. Your quest is admirable indeed.