Sunday, November 23, 2008

Being Al Gore

Al Gore is indeed admirable. This I've always known. But after recently reading Donna Brazile's book, Cooking with Grease (Tipper Gore comes across there as incredibly intuitive and caring too.), reading his wisdom on climate change, contributing to students as a professor at Fisk University, and just listening to him on GPS with Fareed Zakaria, I am increasingly more appreciative of him. There is an intelligence, kindness, and committment to his country and the world that cannot be denied. Thank you, Mr. Vice President.


Ray WInbush said...


I taught at Fisk with Gore when he was there after his "loss" in 2000. Indeed a great man. Are you a Fiskite?
Just curious.


judith ellis said...

Ray - That's way cool! I am not a Fiskite. But I have an incredible affinity for the school. When I studied music at the University of Michigan I had an extraordinary professor, Dr. Josephine Love (Spelman '33, Juilliard '34 and Radcliff '36.) She often spoke of the original Fisk Jubilee singers.

Her dad, Dr. William Thomas Love was both a renowed psychologist and lawyer, graduated from the the University of Michigan and Detroit College of Law.

Dr. Josephine Love had many stories to share. But she was terribly formal and incredibly erudite. I thought she was putting on a bit, but looking back I don't think she was. This was who she was.

Good friends of mine, the Dichieras, had known Dr. Josephine Love for many years and they assured me then that she was a treasure indeed. They were right indeed.

Thanks for popping in. Do come again.

Bob said...

I had the great good fortune to work for Al Gore ("boss" to me) for six years, six months of which were very intense with long meetings and trips almost daily. ALong with all you say and read, Judith, all I can add is he's authentic. Brilliant. Decent. Funny. Caring.naustci

Judith Ellis said...

Yes, I knew you worked for Vice- President Gore, Bob. And it's great to have your comment having been up close. Cool!