Monday, November 24, 2008

Being C-Span II

Watching one of my favorite news source, C-Span's Washington Journal, a caller was speaking about the necessity of change. She insisted that senators and congresspersons should work for minimum wage since they believe that such an amount is a living wage. I chuckled. She bemoaned the fact that all of our jobs are going overseas and we are producing nothing. America needs to produce more products she insisted.

When asked what the caller did for a living she responded that she was a manufacturer. The host asked what she manufactured. She shot back pornography. The host gave a grim expression and cut her off quickly with a curt, "Thank you. Our next caller on the Republican line..." I outright laughed. The reality, however, without any moral judgment, is that we need to manufacture products of various kind.

Another caller just called in and he too seemed pretty sound and sober. He spoke of the billions of dollars taken from the taxpayer and going to these large banks that refuse to lend to small businesspersons. He himself couldn't get a loan for his invention. The system he insisted was unfair. He spoke of the necessity of innovation. He spoke of the many countless of products that undoubtedly never make it to the market because of the lack of funding; this was a travesty, as it could help consumers and the economy he insisted. He was unhappy with the government.

This caller was well spoken and not belligerent. He spoke rationally and calmly. I listened. The host then asked him what he produced. He answered that he produced a purification system that would turn urine into drinking water. A new form of recycling I assumed. It would go directly from waste to purified water instantaneously to your very faucet. This reply was also met with a curt, "Thank you." by the host. "Our next caller on the Democrat line..." I laughed.

C-Span does not only have great interviews, it is also wonderful to listen to the thoughts of the public uncensored. The American people display great intelligence and often times a little comic relief. It is quite fun to also watch the hosts who so very who so very much try to contain their palpable agreement, stern disapproval, and desire for an outright belly laugh. The body reveals much.

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