Friday, November 14, 2008

Being Fitly Joined Together

As the physical body is fitly joined and held together by ligaments, bones to bone, for various functions, so does there need to be bodies of all kind including, corporations, governments and schools that function together as such. It takes many parts to create a sound whole.

The physical body would not be whole without its various parts; neither would corporations, governments and schools be sound without all of its parts. Hence, it is most important for all of us to take active roles in our corporations, governments and schools.

As ligaments connect bone to bone to form joints that hold the physical body together and allow for movement, respect for differences is the connectivity that similarly does the same with bodies of all kind.

Let's be fitly joined bodies.


Catvibe said...

The hip bone connected to the...thigh bone. :-) We are all connected on so many levels.

judith ellis said...

Yeah! Remember that song? I used to clap to it with friends in middle school. The faster the better. What memories and how true!