Monday, November 10, 2008

Being Unimpressive and Increasingly Irrelevant

Jesse Jackson has over the years become unimpressive and increasingly irrelevant. It seem incredibly sad that such words could be said of one who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and who spoke with such power and persuasion at the Democratic Convention of 1988. As a college student, I listened with rapt attention and great awe.

But over the years I have become more and more disillusioned with his rhetoric and actions. Many years ago a political friend, who knew many politicians personally, including Mr. Jackson, was completely unimpressed with him and sought to focus my understanding in a more realistic way. I wouldn't hear it. Instead, I defended Mr. Jackson, this hero of mine of the Civil Rights Movement, to the hilt. I informed my very savvy friend, 20 years my senior, that he should not be so jaded.

Now, after years of disgraceful comments, including the despicable open mic one about President-elect Obama himself, and his sidling with corporate America that benefits himself and not the community he serves, Mr. Jackson has become unimpressive and increasingly irrelevant. The replay of his tears at the Grant Park victory celebration does not move me terribly. In fact, I wish the media would cease showing this image.

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