Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Being in a Beautiful Day

May God bless President Elect Barack Obama and family. May God bless the people of America. May God bless the people of the world from the shanties of Africa to the castles of Europe, from the Chinese factor worker to the Dubai executive.

It's a beautiful day!

Working together day by day we can make everyday more beautiful than the last. Let's love more. Let's give more. Let's be personally more responsible. Let's honor our neighbors more both near and far. Let's rebuild America. Let's set a new bold beginning of diplomacy.

We can do it! Yes, We Can!


wmmbb said...

The sun is smiling on America and the World. It is a new day, but the problems remain real and have not gone away.

Now there can be a sense that America and the World will go to work on them, of which the most important task is to be save the Planet.

judith ellis said...

You are SO RIGHT, wmmbb, about the real problems that we face--hence, the President Elect's uplifting, but sobering speech. I rejoiced, but listened by far more.

Here in America and around the world it remains a beautiful day. Each day can be so everyday with personal and collective responsibility on a host of very important issues.

I believe we can do it! Yes, We Can!