Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Being Apologetic and Appreciated III

After being nationally shamed by Michael Frey, whose book, A Million Little Pieces , was chosen for the Oprah Book Club, Oprah lambasted and shamed Frey on her show while he just sat there like a little kid. I couldn't believe it when it happened.

In a recent article Vanity Fair reports that Oprah called Frey after his appearance and apologized for the way in which she handled the situation. I can see why. Watching clips of that show, I could not help but to feel bad for Frey, even though Oprah may have felt betrayed and he was deserving of some comeupence.

She'd had an epiphany of sorts while meditating that morning. It was time to apologize for what she put him through on that fateful day. She explained that her uncharacteristically harsh evisceration of him was coming, unfairly, from her own ego and sense of having been personally betrayed—a redemptive moment fitting, you might say, of The Oprah Winfrey Show. "It was a nice surprise to hear from her, and I really appreciated the call and the sentiment," says Frey. "When I heard her say, 'felt I owe you an apology,' I was very grateful. As far as I'm concerned, that part of my career is over and behind me and I'm looking forward to writing more books.
Apologies are really appreciated and, oh, so important for all concerned. Although I am not a party in this scene, I feel better that such a deed was done.

Bravo Oprah! We are humbled by your example.

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