Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being Prominent and Articulate

The de facto leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, has called Sarah Palin the "most prominent and articulate" voice in the Party. Wow! The GOP is in bigger trouble than I thought. Re-making Palin is not gonna get it. She is probably the most insignificant and inarticulate politicial voices that we have heard in a long time and it is obvious that Senator McCain made a serious error in selecting her as his running mate. I think he knows this, as is so clear in the moderate voice of his daughter, Meghan McCain.

This push Palin is amazing, considering that she made such an incredibly bad impression during the campaign. But then again perhaps not. Limbaugh is probably pushing to counter the moderate voices in the GOP who is speaking out against extremism or far right conservatism, the kind that Limbaugh and Palin endorse. I have written here of my appreciation of the articulate voice of Olympia Snowe. He is wise not to go after her and, of course, she never even utters his name.

Limbaugh is, in fact, more prominent and articulate than Palin, though not for the good of the country; extremism can never be.


John O'Leary said...

Comrade Judith, I often wonder how serious Limbaugh is - along with Hannity, Savage, etc. - when he/they talk about the "radical social engineering" of this administration who are obviously "trying to take down America." I know the conservative talk show hosts have a legitimate concern about big government, excessive regulation, etc., etc. but do they actually believe we're in the end days of the US of A - or are they calculatingly seeking sound bites? Either way, I'm thinking the best way to deal with it is to repeatedly and satirically beat this language to death. I LIKE being a radical social engineer, don't you? And all my Stalinista neighbors in the People's Republic of Brookline, Mass feel the same way. (See you at the next cell meeting?)

judith ellis said...

Bravo, Comrade John! Your comment made me laugh aloud. It is, in fact, satirical and thoughtful and needs to be repeated again and again. This is necessary, as the extremist faction of the GOP has been allowed to comandeer their ideology into the mainstream to the detriment of not only the Party, a necessary one I think, but of our society. YES, beat away "repeatedly and satirically!"

The people need to speak with regards to social issues and not be harangued on by such ire voices, not that they do not have the right to speak. Moderate voices on the right or left, with regards to policy, are just so much better and thoughtful. (The left, though, does not seem to be so hateful in their rhetoric.) How can anyone argue that modertate voices are not more advantageous for policy? Just look at the state of such governments around the world.

Radical social engineer? Hmm? :-)