Thursday, May 21, 2009

Being Brazen and Ballsy

Being brazen and ballsy is one way of describing Dick Cheney. One would think that he would go somewhere and hide after such a disastrous performance. He's found of saying that he kept the country safe after 911. But let's not forget that 3,000 Americans were killed on his watch. There is also a level of disrespect that Cheney seems to possess for the office of the presidency and perhaps President Obama himself.

I'm not buying his presumed love for country or that he really believes we're less safe now than when the current administration occupied the White House. After all, the Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, has remained in this position from the past administration. Do you really think Dick Cheney knows more than Defense Secretary Gates about our safety? Please, Dick! Go somewhere and shut up! But not tomorrow it appears.

President Obama will deliver his major national security speech tomorrow; Dick Cheney will deliver his very own. The dangerous thing is that sometimes being brazen and ballsy work. In this case, let's hope not.

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