Friday, May 1, 2009

Being Miss California

It's been more than a few days since the controversy over Miss California Carrie Prejean's response to gay marriage. But let me publicly say that I support her right to express her opinion regarding gay marriage and I personally thought she did so in a way that was not disrespectful to the choice of others.

Let me also say that I thought Perez Hilton's response was distasteful and disrespectful, as well as the pageant's release that Miss Prejean had had cosmetic surgery. This is no shocker for any contestant; so, it was probably meant to demean. Why would the pageant do such a thing? There seems to be a lack of respect for Miss Prejean, not that many people think that such pageantry is worth much respect itself. But I digress. That's another discussion for another day.

Hilton's campaign to infringe upon the rights of others to express their opinion is quite disturbing. Who is Hilton, in fact? What talents does he have? Is he the reigning fascist of the far left? What is his end game? Perhaps this is just this particular issue. Is the intention of Hilton to set a standard of what contestants can and cannot say regarding certain issues?

Miss California has my full support in her right to express herself. If such opinions are inhibited, perhaps the Miss America Pageant should be no more. After all, are we not a country of freedoms?


Marion said...

Amen, sister! I know it's not politically correct to support Ms. California right now, but I wholeheartedly agree with your so eloquently put post. This is America and we all have the rights to our opinions. Thank you for posting this. It gives me hope.

allen said...

Why ask her a question and then get angry at her answer?
I'm sure Hilton knew what the answer would be.
There are ideas that take some time getting used to and gay marriage was like that with me. The argument that gay marriage would somehow hurt traditional marriage seems a bit odd. In fact,that argument seems so dumb to me that it is what made me get used to the idea of gay marriage.

judith ellis said...

"This is America and we all have the rights to our opinions."

Marion - I could not agree more.

judith ellis said...

I also believe that Hilton assumed what the answer might be and was eager to pounce; it seemed like a bit of a publicity stunt. But who is he? He's like a gossip blogger, no? He does not appear to have very much besides a rather disrespectful foul mouth. I really did not know a lot about him, but he did not leave me with a great impression to say the very least.

With regards to gay marriage, people will do and can do whatever they want and this will not change, especially in a country of freedom. Even in the Bible we are given the choice to do what we desire. I remember when I did anything that my mother disagreed with she asked me if this was the highest and best for my life?

"Are you living your best life that God has ordained for you," my mother would ask? Many of us answer this question differently. Personally, I want to be well pleasing in the sight of God, loving greatly, giving liberally and being non-judgemental.

dave wheeler said...


"After all are we not a country of freedoms?" Thank you for those words. We are indeed however at times I now wonder if that is more theory than fact. I have always found this dialog from the American President to express so eloquently an powerfully democracy at it's best "America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, 'cause it's gonna put up a fight. It's gonna say "You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can't just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the "land of the free"." Damn right!

Judith, thank you. It is indeed terrific to know a person whose principles not politics shape their beliefs and behaviors. Un-partisian, if you will. Thanks for being you!

judith ellis said...

Dave - I so appreciate your words. Thank you for the quote. I love it. While I am for free speech, I also believe that there can't be the allowance of doing things that will incite injustice or harm. Yelling fire in a closed cramped space of thousands of people, for example, when there is no fire is free speech but it can also be quite harmful, even deadly.

These things are always thorny, but wisdom and reason are both needed to decifer the difference. We can have laws, but laws are interpreted by people. Good judgement is necessary. This is where ethics and morality need to play a major role. The problem is that we seem to be, as a culture, straying away from core values that we once held true, even amid some harrowing cultural situations as a nation.

Our Constituition succeeds even when we have not always done so or lived by it. This is the beauty of truth; it supercedes actions. The question is whether we will live up to Constitution with wisdom and reason, and more importantly with love as its basis it cause for freedom. But love and freedom are not without restraints; this is the error we often make.

Thanks again for your words, Dave. They have made the difference in my morning.

The Write Girl said...

Hey Judith,

Interesting observation. I was not offended by Miss California's statement. She is allowed freedom of speech. I am surprised that she is making her rounds in the media circus though. I think more attention should be focused on the winner.

On another note, I gave you an award on the site. Please stop by when you have time : )

judith ellis said...

Hey The Write Girl - I agree with your words here. With regards to here being on the circuit, it probably a mere extension of her "five minutes." She, of course, has the right to do this too.

Thanks for the award. It's very much appreciated. I'm glad you frequent often. You, of course, know how much I love your writing and the spirit of love and joy you seem to possess. I wish you the best always, little sister. :-)

rebecca said...

Perez Hilton is nothing but a talentless dimwit who has made himself a name by sticking his nose in other people's business and sadly finding an audience for it. I've no respect for people like this who feel they should have no boundaries, can humiliate and embarrass people at will and, now, NOW, are being treated with respect? I don't get it, Judith. Seriously, I don't. The tables should be turned on him one day and we should make him uncomfortable, stick our noses into his private life and put him in the spotlight and jugdge, judge, he so liberally does. I wonder then if he would like it.

judith ellis said...

Great response, rebecca! The opening line literally had me laughing aloud! Bravo! I agree with your words here. How we treat others will most certainly come around to us sooner or later.