Sunday, May 10, 2009

Being a Mother

If Nature smiles -- the Mother must

If Nature smiles -- the Mother must
I'm sure, at many a whim
Of Her eccentric Family --
Is She so much to blame?

--Emily Dickinson

Happy Mother's Day


The Write Girl said...

I like Emily Dickenson. You have a wonderful Mother's Day also.

Brosreview said...

Lovely lines! Have a beautiful Mother's day!!!

judith ellis said...

The Write Girl - I hope you too had a wonderful Mother's Day!

judith ellis said...

Brosreview - Wishing your mother and family a beautiful day, this day and always!

dave wheeler said...


Over the months you have shared a great deal about your marvelous and remarkably talented Mom and the family she led. There is a great deal of knowledge, inspiration, and hope in your words. Nature and your Mother smiles I am sure at the legacy she created and the lives she touches through her children. Enjoy this day my friend!

judith ellis said...

Dave - Your words made me smile the biggest smile. Thank you. I like you, friend. My mom would have liked you too.