Saturday, May 2, 2009

Being Apologetic and Appreciated II

In a recent post, "Being Apologetic and Appreciated", I wrote about the necessity of apologies and how they are appreciated as a means of doing business.

Tom Peters had written an excellent post on apologies and I had conveyed a story of my time as a college student waiting and hoping for that apologetic free Domino's Pizza if the delivery was even a minute late.

This morning I received a note from an Amazon bookseller after having ordered and paid for a book, Liberation Management, by Tom Peters that had not arrived three weeks later.

On late Thursday I wrote a note to the seller via Amazon. On Friday morning he responded with a brief apology, explaining that he would "pull the order and shipping information and email you back all of the specifics."

Today I received this email from the seller which erased any bad feelings I had for having not received the book in a timely fashion:

Judith - Thank you so much for allowing me to pull all of the information regarding the shipment and order. I will provide you all of the specifics as well as what I have done to rectify the situation for you.

Your order was placed on Thursday April 9th and was shipped via media mail from my location in south Florida on Monday, April 13th to the following address:

Judith Ellis
00000 Hope St.
City of Love, MI 00000-0000

Based on my estimates the book should have been received the 22nd to the 24th of April at the latest. Please accept my apologies for this.

I went ahead on Thursday and immediately sent you another copy in the same like new condition, except this one is actually autographed by Tom Peters. It was shipped on Thursday, April 30th to the same address above. It was sent with tracking / delivery confirmation. the number is 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000. The progress can be checked at

Please accept my apologies for this situation and I hope that my quick action, once I was aware of the situation, will help to rectify this.

Thanks so much.

An apology, with swift action--along with something a little extra, reverses negative situations which can become a moment of appreciation. Not only will I get the book I ordered but it now comes with the signature of Tom Peters, someone whom I greatly admire. I will order from this seller again.


rebecca said...

Apologies and treating a customer well is just good, smart business practice. This seller obviously knew this and look what it got her - a loyal customer. Good experience = future profits.

judith ellis said...

"Good experience = future profits."

Love it, rebecca!