Friday, July 17, 2009

Being Hypocritical II

Now, I must preface this post by saying that this is not a critical assessment on shortcomings or failures; it is a direct assessment of hypocritical men in Washington who preach one thing and do the exact opposite, who espouse family values and fiscal conservatism and are proven to be the antithesis of both. Recently, we have come to know that Senator Ensign and Governor Sanford, both conservative Christian righters who railed against the sexual indiscretions of others, calling for their resignation, have engaged in the same behavior and now refuse to resign. Sanford evoked biblical characters to excuse his behavior and Ensign resigned as chairman of the Policy Committee, but not the Senate. Is this hypocritical?

Being hypocritical seems to cross many lines. It tends to be a lifestyle. It's sort of like lying. Once you start down that road you usually have to build a wall of lies to sustain the first. Senator Ensign not only had an affair but got his parents to give his mistress and her family a "gift" of $96,000 dollars of what we most certainly know was hush money. Who gives a gift of that amount to another unless it's truly a loved one, the mistress was undoubtedly just a piece of ass, or charity organization?

Governor Sanford not only had an affair with an Argentina woman and stepped over the line with others without crossing that "ultimate line," sort of like "I didn't have sex with that woman" while getting a blow job, "more than $468,000 worth of state-funded travel for Sanford and show that he routinely billed taxpayers for high-end airline seats, racking up more than $44,000 on business- and first-class tickets. He often stayed in pricey hotels that far exceeded the rates he imposed on other state employees," according to Politico after viewing detailed State records. While running for governor, this purported fiscal conservative spoke of excessive spending. "This kind of lavish spending with taxpayers footing the bill just doesn't make any sense to me," Sanford said. "If I become your governor, I'll fix that problem." Fat chance considering his own behavior, eh?

State Senate Minority Leader John Land had some choice words for Governor Sanford recalling "the criticism that candidate Sanford heaped on others." The Associated Press recorded Land as saying. "I reckon he's a hypocrite. He goes before the Christian right and professes to be one thing and yet his conduct is something else. He goes before the people of the state and talks about his fiscal conservatism. But yet when you see him in action, he's going first class and spending the state taxpayers' money."

Governor Sanford and Senator Ensign seem to be hypocritical Christian right ideologues. Ya think?

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