Thursday, July 2, 2009

Being Subjective Beings

While we are subjective beings the alignment of what is clearly objective truth does exist. For example, E=MC Squared already existed before Sir Issac Newton thought of it and Albert Einstein formulated it.

The beauty is that human beings are all coming to know what has already been known. This is the evolution of beings, that is our understanding and alignment of objective truth that is already known.


Pamela said...


This morning these thoughts from the scriptures came to my mind: the secret things belong to God-- We only know in part and understand in part; But we will one day have knowledge of all things. They will all be revealed to us.

In the word it also ask, who has known the mind of God and who has been his councel?

Maybe it seems, when we stop exploring and stop seeking for answers. We stop hoping. We stop living our lives as we were created to live them. God gave us this beautiful world to explore. Over time he has given us more knowledge (technology) to explore the world with.

Whatever we are blessed to stumble upon internally or externally was already there before we discovered it. Our love for creation is in essence our love and wonder for God.

Judith Ellis said...

Pamela - Thank you for your comment. I especially appreciate these words: "Maybe it seems, when we stop exploring and stop seeking for answers. We stop hoping. We stop living our lives as we were created to live them."

I agree that we are forever gaining knowledge and what we thought we knew in prior generations expands and some things are completely done away with. Exploring and seeking are about discovery and to remain open is indeed essential.

Was it not King David who sought to know the mind of God? In my many years of studying philosophy, even the great atheist philosophers who I admire greatly, at the core of it is an argument which stems from seeking to know the mind of God.

The premise of western philosophy, in particular, is rooted in religious thought, either the acceptance of it or railing against it. I guess eastern philosophy to a very large extent has roots in religious thought too.

I'd like to hear the opinions of others in this regard. Thanks again for yours.

Brosreview said...

So, discovery is a more fair word than invention, is it? You've made me think now.

Judith Ellis said...

Ajey - It is my belief that we are simply discovering what has already been. In another sense, that saying "there is nothing new under the sun" has relevance.

DB said...

I think discovering and inventing are parallel, or perhaps even the same. The cave men had the law of aerodynamics, what they didn't have were airplanes. Airplanes were invented because se desired to fly and in the process we discovered the law.


Judith Ellis said...

I agree, DB. Nicely put.