Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Being in Time

Time is motion and we are forever moving in it. We never stand still. But the direction is key. Time as a creation of man not only moves forward; it moves backward. We called movement time.

Forward movment is progression. Backward movement is inhibition, a result of negative thinking. Within being in time it is important to not only think differently but to make a difference.

Do something that matters everyday no matter how small. Being becomes much in time.


Ryan Freed said...

Being in time, very similiar to living in the moment. Try to enjoy every second and do something that is sincere and meaningful. Dennis Freed posted a page, Five Compliments a Day, in his chapter today, thought you might like it. Relates to living in the moment.

Judith Ellis said...

Can the past ever be eliminated from being? It seems to me that the greater issue is synthesis and choice. Now is fleeting. It too is time and we seem to be forever chasing it; now passes fast. But how we build upon now matters. Who could ever argue against sincerity and meaning in life? Who could ever argue against the pursuit of joy? Thank you for the mention of the post.

Strawberry Girl said...

I appreciate these thoughts Judith, a subject upon which I often dwell.

Judith Ellis said...

Strawberry Girl --I like your name!-- It's good to have you here. I am happy to say anything thoughtful. Do pass through again and leave your thoughts. I'm interested in them.