Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Being Remembered

Thank you, Michael Jackson. R.I.P.


rebecca said...

You know, Judith, I still hold to my belief that he was not the monster the media made him out to be. A pedophile does not become picky on who to abuse and his children loved him. Loved him! If he was indeed a pedophile those children would've been abused as well. How is it that they and his friends loved him so? I believe they apparently knew the real him. I just feel so bad for those children, so bad. He was a tormented soul who was ridiculed and judged all of his life and it is no wonder he turned to drugs. Who wouldn't have? What a terrible shame. I know tonight I will be shedding some tears as well.

Judith Ellis said...

"A pedophile does not become picky on who to abuse..."

Rebecca - A brother the other day made this exact point. He said how is it possible that he had only abused two children when it is known that pedophiles seem not to be able to constrain themselves. With thousands upon thousands of kids that came through Neverland, and even slept in his bed why is it that there are only two kids who claimed this? This gave me great pause indeed.

The things that Rep. Peter King said were indeed terrible. He didn't merely give an opinion; he seem to express what was true. The only problem was that such wasn't found to be so. MJ has children, parents, siblings, and friends who love him, even in his state of New York. I hear that fans are raising money to defeat him. Now, I do not know about the job he's doing, nor am I suggesting that this is a reason to be defeated alone, but it is obvious that this rep. lacks sensitivity.

Brosreview said...

Agree with Rebecca! A beautiful tribute via a beautiful song! Thanks Judith!

Marion said...

I cried like a baby as I watched the tribute on tv. And when his daughter came on at the end and said that he was a great daddy, I just lost it. So, so sad to lose a parent suddenly and at such a tender age.

Yes, may he finally rest in peace and may God bless, comfort, and guide his family in the coming days. Thanks for posting that amazing song, Judith.

rebecca said...

Judith, you're friend is absolutely correct. How is it possible that only two cases surfaced? The media can destroy lives and they simply destroyed his. I'm watching right now snippets of the memorial and Reverend Sharpton said the following to his children: "I want you to know that your Daddy was not strange, what was strange was what your Daddy had to deal with.." Amen. And his daughter Paris is just heartbroken.

As far as Rep. King, I saw his rantings yesterday on tv. He's exorcising (and no this is not a misspelling on my part) his freedom of speech, right? Disgusting. He is of the faction that believes him to be guilty no matter the fact that he was acquitted. His spewing is filled with bigotry and anger perhaps because a black man can be so idolized and loved? I don't know what his problem is and he is entitled to his point of view, but here's a perfect example of why we can never overcome and become one as a race of man. When people are so filled with hatred and judgment, it becomes a cancer that infiltrates to the rest of humanity. Personally, I hope he pays for it politically and perhaps being hated and judged the way MJ was he can begin to understand.

Judith Ellis said...

Yes, Ajey, I too agree with Rebecca. I saw Stevie Wonder perform this song live at the Memorial Service and it was incredibly moving. I LOVE this guy! Besides his artistry, we can ALWAYS expect wise and thoughtful words from him. He gave a wonderful tribute.

Judith Ellis said...

Marion - I also cried throughout. It's all so very sad. But what an incredible tribute, eh?

Watching the service I could not help but to imagine that the dignity of the service was attributed to his mom. It was so reminiscient of the funerals I attended growing up: family coming together, embracing, and loving on each other. It was beautiful.

I also really appreciated hearing Brooke Shields' personal stories of the friend she loved dearly. What a personal account! Al Sharpton also did a very fine job! Go Reverend Al, you did good!

Judith Ellis said...

Rebecca - Yes, the good reverend hit many salient points today. He did a fine job indeed!

I really had not heard of Rep. King, save when Hillary Clinton went into the Obama administration there was talk of him perhaps running for the Senate if I'm not mistaken. But I don't know much about him, save that he is a Republican.

It is indeed very difficult to determine why someone would come out and say the things that he said during such a time that is so incredibly difficult for so many. He was just mean and uncaring to me. How can such a one lead effectively may be a question to consider?

But no worries, the ever ebullient and sharp, Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee too car of her colleague without even calling his name. It was evident who she was referring to.

This statement I could not agree with more:

"When people are so filled with hatred and judgment, it becomes a cancer that infiltrates to the rest of humanity."

Thank you, Rebecca.

The Write Girl said...

Hi Judith,

Wonderful tribute today. I love Stevie Wonder as an artist. I think everyone did Michael justice. I'm happy we still have his wonderful music and that he is finally getting his due. Hope he is resting somewhere and happy.

P.S., I live on Long Island and I am not happy with this Peter King guy. He's giving us a bad name lol.

Judith Ellis said...

Yes, MJ was given a great tribute by all present. It was beautiful. With regards to Rep. Peter King his fate is in the hand of the people of New York. How is he as a rep?

James Oh said...

The truth will prevail no matter whatever happened. Let him rest peaceful and his action speak louder and his children prove everything. He will not be forgotten and remembered forever.

His spirit and love will always stay with us, even though he is no longer on earth.

I always believe invisible is much greater than visible. So, do in this case.

Judith Ellis said...

Truthful and lovely words, as in of love, James Oh. Thank you.

John O'Leary said...

Hey Judith, Marvin Gaye showed up in a dream I had last night! Out of nowhere. Don't even remember the context. Strange. Maybe because he was the missing performer at the memorial?

Judith Ellis said...

Ah, that's great, John! It's great you still dream of the man who we all love and still miss. Everytime I hear his voice I can't help but to smile. There will never be another Marvin Gaye. By the way, Donna Brazile wrote a really good piece on MJ on CNN. Check it here. Just read that Pelosi shut down an initiative for some kind of Congressional resolution. I would probably agree with this. But I have watched Congress give such to community leaders or businesspersons who may not have had the impact as MJ did from a humanitarian standpoint globally. I think he gave some $400 million to charity during his lifetime. Hmm? Come to think of it I'll have to think of that some more actually. But there is no disparage meant on the community leader or businessperson by any means. Many of these are well deserving for the work they do.