Monday, July 6, 2009

Being a Joke III

Finally, the truth from a conservative female pundit, Liz Trotta, on Sarah Palin on Fox News. No truer words could have been spoken.

"The woman is inarticulate, undereducated...A lot of this criticism is well-deserved...This is a woman who has used her good looks and gender to really get ahead in the political world..."

"So, what are we talking about here. We're not talking about a great statesman of profound experience whose banner is integrity...She really has no credentials for any job."

Thank you, Liz Trotta.


Pamela said...

WOW! Enough said, really I think her 15 minutes of fame has expired.

rebecca said...

I remember this time last year when I was considering my options of foreign countries had the Republican ticket won. I didn't know which of the two scared me the most with their combined ignorance, shoot-from-the-hip-and-mouth syndromes, their whacked-out viewpoints, their extreme conservatism (good Lordy this scared me so), Sarah's Bush-like intelligence, her obvious knowledge and experience which shined so brightly in interviews (most notably the Katie Couric debacle), her ballistic way of showing her love of animals, her stance on birth control and how successful that turned out to be, or what else? Let's see? Shall I go on? I'm just glad she's crossed the border and although I have not been following the news these past few days, please tell me she is not planning a return trip? Can we request the Port of Entry to not let her in? Can we? Huh? *sigh*

Judith Ellis said...

Pam - I wish that you were correct, but I think not. SP will re-emerge with a show on Fox undoubtedly or some reality show. But at least we will not be subject to her unless we choose too.

SP is probably over as a presidential candidate, but I'm afraid we have not see the last of her. Her gig now is about selling books and getting a show, perhaps a reality show of some sort.

I can't imagine a person incapable of speaking coherently writing a book. Can you? I'm sure a ghost writer will be used. But I do see her in the entertainment industry. Will Vanna White be retiring soon?

I'm still livid at McCain! How can a veteran love his political ambitions more than the country for whom he fought and nearly died as a POW?

I wholeheartedly agree with Liz Trotta's assessment of SP and yours, "enough said" indeed! I'm cool so as long as she stays away from seeking political office on the national level.

Judith Ellis said...

LOL, Rebecca! I wrote often of my utter disappointment with she and McCain. Like I said I'm cool with her as long as she keeps the hell out of national politics.