Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being a Liar

By all accounts and her own contradictory words, Sarah Palin is a liar.


Linda S. Socha said...

Hello Judith!

Judith Ellis said...

Uh, for sure, Linda. It's really good to see you. It's been a while. Heading over to your blog now.

rebecca said...

I just want to know if her book becomes a bestseller. She's a sore loser and just didn't like the light of truth to be shown on her. So she writes a book in defense. *yawn* Yeah, like I'm gonna read it or I'm going to believe it. But that's just me. I'm sure there are a multitude of bozos out there just devouring this stuff up. And for the record, I refuse to watch any show that has her on right now. Frankly, I think her 15 minutes of fame is long gone and that dummy of a son-in-law, aka dummy hollywood or whatever name he's now going by, can get on the plane with her and go back to Alaska as well.

Judith, why do you post stuff like this? Why do you insist on riling me up? Everytime I try to change, they pull me back in!!!! LOL!

Judith Ellis said...

Rebecca - The book is already a bestseller because large organizations have bought them in bulk. This is the numbers game. Walmart has reduced her book after from some $28.00 to $8.99 on the second day after it was released. I'm wondering if the teabaggers who follow her even read. Bless their hearts. :-)

Regarding her children and the father of her grandchild, I actually have a great amount of sympathy for them. They did not ask to have such a mother. Although, I do not personally know what kind of mother she actually is. What I do know is that serial lying is a serious issue; a life of dishonesty and deception is damaging. Her lying did not just begin with this last campaign. We can believe that.

When I watched Palin's daughter being interviewed by Greta van Susteren and the way Palin interjected herself into the interview, it was so sad indeed. The daughter face told the story. If you look at the faces of children, no matter the age, they will tell it like it is without uttering a word, even if they have been well trained to smile and wave. The body too will tell the story.

In fact, during the interview with Van Susteren, the daughter who had the baby said that abstinence was unrealistic. Of course, she was made to backtrack on that one. By the way, what did Palin think her daughter was doing with that young man who seems to have moved into her house? She is quite the hypocrite by all accounts.

Oh, Rebecca, I write such posts just for you. :-)

Marion said...

I read and I follow her and I bought her book. Wal-Mart has been in a price war with Amazon.com for months. They also lowered the price of Stephen King's new book to $9.00, among several other popular authors. It's NOT just Ms. Palin's book. I heard on the local news tonight that our bookstores here in nowhere, Louisiana are having trouble keeping her book in stock. Are large corporations going to EVERY single town in American and buying her book? I think now.

How can so many people be such haters about one woman? I don't get it. I'm not real political (as you know, Judith), but I'm not a hater or name caller either. And she wasn't really 'kind' to the Republican party in her book.

Like any other American, I firmly believe she has the right to tell her story. How many books does President Obama have out? I don't see people hating him for any of his books. God help our country when we don't allow each and every American to hold and express their own policital views. I'm usually afraid to even say I'm Republican lately.

My two cents. (Now I'll be ducking tomatoes thrown at me for months!) Blessings!

Judith Ellis said...

Marion - You could not pay me to buy or read a book by Sarah Palin. This woman does not even know how to think. How on God's green earth could she have written a book? You couldn’t pay me to read a tweet that she has written, let alone a book. How many pages is it? Limbaugh said it was the best policy book he’s ever read. I’m laughing aloud as I write that! Intellectually or spiritually, I have utterly no respect for her.

It is not simply that Palin is not kind to the Republican Party; it appears that she is flatly lying. In fact, there are more than a few clips that I have seen where she herself has contradicted her own words. It is very difficult to keep your lies straight from year to year. She even lies about conversations she has had with her children. My mother had 12 and there was no way that she contradicted herself from year to year. This woman is deceitful.

With regards to name calling, you call a spade a spade. Sarah Palin is a liar. Why did you align President Obama with her? Are you implying that he lied in the two bestselling books he wrote? (He has a high approval rating. Sarah Palin does not. So, it would be conceivable that his books were not bought by various organizations.) I have NEVER heard that Obama didn't write his book. He is obviously brilliant. Regarding Palin, of course, anybody can write a book. Duh! The problem here is Palin is lying. The book is largely a work of fiction according to all accounts. None of what she claimed can be verified. How dare she trash Katie Couric because of her own ignorance. We all saw that interview. She needs to shut up about that. She's making it worse.

By the way, I wonder if she has even read her own book. She certainly didn't write it. She can't even put a sentence together, let alone coherent paragraphs one after another. With regards to her readership, there are probably teabaggers and the religious right on her state book tour that will buy this work of fiction. I’m sure is she blew a couple of kisses and gave more than a few winks, this might increase the book sales too.

I love and respect you and another friend, but why you guys follow this woman is way beyond me. Well, I think I know why my Michigan friend follows her. Actually, I'm pretty sure why. We tend to do what we do for our own purposes to advance our own agendas. Sometimes we are also misaligned with warped theological ideologies. I'm ashamed that she is meeting with Palin in Grand Rapids, probably at this very hour. God, help me! Or, should I say God help her. :-)

Marion, get over being afraid and get to the real issues plaguing your party, namely they have become a bunch of hateful fear mongering rightwing religious fanatic wing nuts. If I’m not mistaken, you have written here of your own distaste for certain policies, particularly the fear mongering with regards to health care reform.

Come on, be brave and stick to the issue here. Sarah Palin is a liar. It’s not about self-expression. It’s about fiction being passed off as truth. It’s not about name calling; it’s about her lies being revealed over and over again, video after video, shot after shot, word after word. Sarah Palin is a liar.

The woman is not serious. She has just remarked that Glen Beck would be a great running mate for 2012. This woman wants to be the female Limbaugh and get rich. She may even want to get a professional football team going in Alaska. She would have to buy more than one so they could play against each other. Maybe she wants to be a 40ish plus centerfold. OK, I'm cool with any of that. Just keep her away from policy.

Judith Ellis said...

By the way, just opened my yahoo account and there's an ad with Newsmax, the conservative news outlet, selling Palin's book for $4.00. Hmm? I wonder how many books they have to sell to make a profit or at least not to have a negative balance for the books they bought. To be able to sell a hardcover book for that price, they most have bought quite a few. Ya think?

John O'Leary said...

Judith, a linguistic quibble: to be a "liar" Palin must KNOW she's not telling the truth - i.e. deliberate deception. It's possible that, like MANY people I know, she conjures up memories of past events that suit her fantasies. That tendency can be more destructive than simple falsification, so I'm not letting her off the hook. I would link that with low emotional intelligence or what Howard Gardiner called "intrapersonal intelligence" - which is self-understanding. There's also a phenomenon I've been seen in business where an otherwise capable manager has serious and repeated memory lapses of previous conversations that make it appear as if the person is duplicitous but actually the person is genuinely unaware of previous conversations/events. Not sure if Palin fits THAT profile though.

Judith Ellis said...

Hey John - Anything is possible, I guess. I really do not have any desire to psychoanalyze Palin. I do not find her interesting or fascinating in that regard. I'm strictly going by her words and actions. Palin seems to simply be expanding her 15 minutes of fame. Good for her. Actually, I have no problem with her working it. What absolutely ticks me off is that this woman could have been president if McCain was elected and was unable to fulfill his duties. She simply was not ready and does not have the wisdom or temperament of a leader. Can you imagine a president writing such a bitchy revengeful petty book like that?

zorro said...

Here's some data from a fox news poll concerning Palin.

"Palin has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2012, along with a host of other Republicans. Among self-identified Republicans in the survey, Palin gets the highest favorable ratings (70 percent) amid a group of other possible contenders for the GOP nomination, including Mike Huckabee (63 percent), Mitt Romney (60 percent) and Newt Gingrich (58 percent). Palin's favorable score among all voters is 47 percent, up nine percentage points over last July's reading of 38 percent."

So who knows.

Judith Ellis said...

Gimmie a break, Zorro! You actually believe a poll put out by Fox? Have you not been reading lately how they have been "fixing" backdrops? I don't believe anything Fox reports. I have not seen a poll anywhere else with the numbers you have given here. The most she has been able to get nationally was 30% and this is basically the Republican base. But if the American people choose Sarah Palin to be the president, they will have thoroughly deserved it.

zorro said...

Fox polls are usually accurate -
they don't do them. They pay someone else who wants to keep thier reputation.
Not taking Palin serously is a big misteak.
Chris Mathews compares her to Nixon in 1966. In 1966, Nixon was thought to be a joke also.
I don't like Palin. That's why I take her seriously.
If she gets the Republican base and gets nominated, who knows what could happen.

Judith Ellis said...

Yeah, that sounds very similiar to the independent Lewin Group, Zorrow. You can pay for what you want. In my view, Fox simply cannot be trusted. Period. But I do find it interesting that you went from Fox to Chris Matthews. I am not a fan of either. I agree that anything is possible. I have said so. But with this possibility we will have well deserved it if she is chosen as the president.

Palin is not Nixon. There were many qualities about Nixon that were admirable and notable, whether you liked him or not. Lou Dobbs thinks that he might throw his hate into the ring too. The sad thing here is that we are talking mainly about celebrity status and not about qualifications. This is what's incredibly sad.

It just shows how shallow we are to even be talking about 2012 with all of the extraordinary challenges we face. The mainstream media is sickening. It's like we are not faced with any challenges at all. I do not even watch the news the way I used to and we grew up on it and were expected to discuss what was being broadcasted, nationally and internationally. We can't blame young people for being disinterested.