Monday, November 16, 2009

Being a Joke IV

On ABC's This Week, conservative New York Times columnist, David Brooks, said this of Sarah Palin: "She's a joke. I can't take her seriously. The idea that this potential talk show host is considered seriously for the Republican nomination, believe me, it will never happen. Republican primary voters are not going to elect a talk show host." The fact that most of Americans know that she is a joke is not news. This has been borne out repeatedly. I have long written elsewhere and on this blog that she is a joke.

To think that Sarah Palin could have been a heartbeat away from the presidency is very shameful of the Republican party. When she was chosen as the Republican VP candidate I was incensed. Yet, "Country First" was the slogan plastered in the hall of the Republican convention last year where she splashed on the national scene, winking her Wasila eyes and waving her evangelical Christian right flag. This was not love of country; it was a purely political gamble to gain the White House by an aging war hero who in my eyes disgraced himself with this selection.

Sarah Palin will soon appear on the cover of Newsweek in short shorts. She is precisely where she should be, away from policy and in photos with pom-poms. How fantastical! All that's needed now is the Live Nude Girls movie crew. Look out Kim Cattrall! Is this what Palin was going after all along with all the winking and batting of eyes during the campaign? To those who like this kind of thing, eat your hearts out! Just keep her away from policy. She's an aging sex kitten wannabe. But I'm cool with that. I'm also cool with her making loot. Just keep her away from policy. "She's a joke."


Corrie Howe said...

Never say never. Didn't people think it was impossible for an actor to be president? An Hungarian to be governor? A professional wrestler a governor?

This was my thought as I was reading today.

Pamela said...

Sarah Palin is a joke!! It's not because of her previous profession or almost profession as a talk show host. It is because she is. She was not and is not qualified for the job as President or even Vice President. She was chosen because she was a conservative female. It was to take the spin off the other candidate who had gained unprecedented momentum. It didn't work. Once she opened her mouth it was all over.

My father never thought he would ever see an African-American elected President but he won because he was and is qualified to do the job. Yes, he was a junior Senator but what a brilliant diplomatic man he is.

Our country deserves to be represented by the finest. We should send our finest to represent us and speak and decide policy on our behalf. We should want this and furthermore we should expect and demand it.

Judith Ellis said...

Corrie - I agree with you that anything is possible. But Ronald Reagan was intelligent, well-read, well-spoken, diplomatic, and actually had ideas whether you agreed with him or not. Here is someone who did not even know that Africa is a continent. How on God's green earth is this woman qualified for the presidency? She does not even know how to think. I wonder if she has even read her own book. Sarah Palin is a joke.

Judith Ellis said...

"My father never thought he would ever see an African-American elected President but he won because he was and is qualified to do the job. Yes, he was a junior Senator but what a brilliant diplomatic man he is."

Pamela - This is so very true. Thank you. Sarah Palin is indeed a joke and if Americans choose this woman for the presidency it would look incredibly bad on our beloved country throughout the world. Oh, my God, what would that say about us? How incredibly embarrassing this woman would be as the president. Most importantly these are dangerous and delicate times and she is just utterly not suited for such a position.

John O'Leary said...

"Keep her away from policy." Well said. That's the only problem here - her potential to set or influence policy. The media didn't jump on her for no reason. It's because this girl from next door (and her political enablers) thought she had the intelligence, education, and experience to lead the world. A serious mistake, which unfortunately will bring her much suffering in the years to come.

Judith Ellis said...

John - What a "serious mistake" indeed. She is proving to not only be unqualified but their irresponsiblity is coming back to haunt them in the form of a bitchy petty resentful divisive woman. Do you remember how divisive she was in piting what she called the two Americas? They thought it worked for them then. I'm sure they don't think so now. What a divisive disaster. Like Limbaugh, Palin doesn't seem to care about the country. It seems to be all about her.

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