Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being Humble

Practice humility. It both arms and disarms for the best results.


Dave Wheeler said...

Never really thought of it in those terms but you are absolutely correct. I like the whole altruistic element of it and have always found that, when working with folks, the more that we do to stress the collective "we" rather than the individual "I", the more enjoyable and productive the effort is.

A lesson to live by indeed!

Judith Ellis said...

Yes, Dave, I understand the altruistic element indeed. It also allows for the best way forward in various situations at work and home no matter who has presented it. Rank becomes insignificant.

zorro said...

Brain science is finding that being empathic and cooperative is more natural than competing.

Judith Ellis said...

I'd like to read more on that, Zorro. Any specific links you can refer?

zorro said...

Its in the link I sent from Huffington a few days ago.
Its from a Arriana's book of the month.
It has to be true.
Humans have been around for about 1 millions years - We would not of survived if we were always competing with each other.
We don't need philosophy to guide us - the proof is simple - we are here and we have existed quite a long time without any written philosophy and probably any spoken language.
But brain science also seems to support this.

Judith Ellis said...

Zorro - Got it! Will check it out. Thanks. By the way, philosophy is merely a way of thinking. Without it, we would not arrive at science or being. "In the beginning was the Word." We are formed by them. Science proves this too. Before a discovery, there is a thought. Science begins with a hypothesis, a thought.

Dr. Cornelia Bargmann has done brilliant research on the topic od thought and function. She studies worms in order to understand the functioning of the human brain. There are many similarities of wiring and function. I heard her on Charlie Rose say something that profoundly stuck with me: "A thought that you have is turned into a biological physical reality by your brain."