Monday, February 8, 2010

Being a Pundit, Newscaster and Analyst

Sarah Palin, the newest analyst for Fox News, over the weekend in an interview with Chris Wallace of the same news station suggested that President Obama play the "war card" to boost his poll numbers to win the presidential election in 2012. Can somebody please affirm that war is actually about death and destruction, the loss of life of civilians and soldiers? My father was a veteran and I know first hand that coming home alive may for many be just as devastating as if they had died on the battlefield. What is wrong with this woman?


septembermom said...

She will probably go down in SNL history as the number one source of comedic inspiration for their writers. She is like a living parody of a politician. I have to believe that most of the American public can see right through her. It's scary to think that she buys into all the stuff that she spouts.

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, Kelly, you gave me the biggest laugh! Just thinking about those SNL skits cracks me up. Thanks for that, my dear friend. Hope all is well with the kids.