Thursday, August 27, 2009

Being a Democracy II

"You can't have a democracy without an informed public."

--Helen Thomas, White House Press Correspondent for 57 years

In this sense, are we a democracy?


septembermom said...

It's scary to say but I truly do feel uninformed. I pray that the few who are informed will take to the bandstands and shed some light for the rest of us. Democracy must breathe through its people. Right now, I'm afraid that in some ways we are on life support, in dire need of enlightenment and empowerment.

Judith Ellis said...

Many times a leader is needed to galvanize others. But it always takes a vision.

dave wheeler said...


What a terrific question! The barriers to being informed are many indeed. We have access to tons of information. How much is accurate? How much is political propoganda (perpetuated by both parties or special interest groups)? Is the news we receive "real news"...objective, fact checked? Or entertainment, satire, opinion based? All the facts in the world can't change a closed mind and a mind that is closed isn't informed. Democracy has a price. Many folks have given there lives to protect it. Everyone can help protect it. Open your mind to alternative points of view and educate yourself! That's the first step on the road to real change...change I can believe in!

Judith Ellis said...

This is a really thoughtful comment, Dave. These words are so true:

"All the facts in the world can't change a closed mind and a mind that is closed isn't informed."

Your point about information is really good. Information is not necessarily knowledge or true.

Thank you.