Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Being a Wise Woman or Old Fool

Early this morning watching C-Span I thought that I was in a time capsule. Phyllis Schlafly, the 84 year-old conservative and founder of the Eagle Forum, who was against the Equal Rights Amendment, spewed lies about the health care bill, including the death of elderly people and abortion on demand, and about President Obama. "Everything that Obama is supporting in the health care bill is bad," Schlafly said. "He never had a job. He was a community organizer." As I listened to her, I wondered if she had ever listened to President Obama's vast knowledge on so many issues during press conferences. She probably doesn't even care and prefers to believe lies. Mrs. Schlafly was being given lifetime award.

I find it very difficult that Mrs. Schlafly does not know that the so called "death panel" provision in the health care bill that would kill seniors is lie. It is actually giving end of life decision to the families and others and reducing ineffeciencies and waste. Surely she chooses to believe that President Obama was a constitutional scholar at the University of Chicago, civil rights lawyer, and senator, chosen by the People, before he became the President of the United States in a landslide victory. I remember my mother saying to us growing up, "honor the hoary head." Mrs. Schlafly's head is indeed hoary but I must admit that it is very difficult to honor such a one.

As I listened to the hate being spewed, I was deeply saddened by the young college women in the audience. I wondered if they really believed Mrs. Schlafly's words. Many shook their heads in agreement. Seniors should be wise, right? They should be credible, right? "Age should teach wisdom," right? The conditional clause here is important here. "Don't waste your time on women study courses," she told this audience of young women. She ended with rousing words about Ronald Reagan's refusal to bow to the Soviet Union, making a parallel to the Republican Party. "We win. They lose," she exclaimed.

What do you think? Are these the words of a wise woman or old fool? If Mrs. Schlafly was not influencing the lives of young women and was retiring somewhere, I would not even be writing about her today and I would wish her good health. But while I sincerely wish her good health and happiness, I do not wish her well in her efforts. Being passionate about young people, I am not only alarmed by Mrs. Schalfy's words but saddened by them because of their possible influence on impressionable minds.


DB said...

I didn't know that ignorant, misinformed, maladjusted creature was still afoot. I may be wrong but I don't think she has done as much harm to the women's movement as she would like to think she has, but I wonder what possible life time achievement she was being awarded for.

As for speaking out against Obama and the health care needs, Phyllis, join the mob.

Judith Ellis said...

Great opening line, DB. I was completely amazed that such a woman could live so long and hold such views. Thanks for your vote of confidence about her affect on women. I agree. But even if she influences a single young woman it is indeed not a good thing.