Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being Stephen Hawking

One of the persons that I admire most is the physicist, Stephen Hawking. Tonight Dr. Hawking will receive the highest civilian award in the US, The Presidential Medal of Freedom. When he was informed that he would be presented with the award, he responded:

I am delighted and honoured to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It is a great privilege to be awarded the Medal, especially by President Obama, whom I admire deeply. I am very much looking forward to travelling to Washington to meet this remarkable man and to receive the Medal of Freedom on behalf of myself, my family, my friends and my colleagues in science worldwide.
Another recipient could not be found more worthy. Congratulations, Dr. Hawking, and continued blessings!


Marion said...

He's definitely most deserving. Every time I see him I'm ashamed of my complaining of my aches and pains. He's a true genius! Great post, Judith. Blessings!!

zorro said...

Space Elevator.

Here is a segment fro the History Channel that explains it.

Judith Ellis said...

He is truly an inspiration and true scientist. Like Darwin, his humility and inquisitiveness is astonishing. You never get a sense from either of these men that they have all the answers as brilliant as they are. As Darwin, Hawking is forever discovering.

Judith Ellis said...

Hey Zorro - Awesome! The video is easily understood. It must have taken a little bit to find that particular one. I noticed that there are plenty of others. I love the History Channel. Thanks!